Asteroid (13482) Igorfedorov

Orbital characteristics

Epoch 1-Jul-2021 (2459396.5 JD)
Apoapsis3.8063 AU
5.6941×108 km
Periapsis2.3799 AU
3.5603×108 km
Semi-major axis3.0931 AU
4.6272×108 km
Eccentricity 0.2305669
Inclination7.5148 °
Longitude of asc. node100.70 °
Argument of periapsis205.80 °
Orbital period1986.97 days
5.440 years
Avg. orbital speed16.71 km/s

Physical characteristics

Mean diameter10.812 km
Rotation period (sidereal)13.426 hours
Textures: Solid Gray Grid



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Please note that the models are in planetocentric coordinate system, with Z axis passing through north pole. Actual rotational axis may differ from planetocentric poles, especially for small irregular bodies.

Surface Textures

This object does not have textures yet and is being displayed as a solid gray shape.

Last Modified: 28 Jul 2021